This is the home of the Adventurer Jones web site. It’s still being created, as well as products being developed.

For now, please visit our online ETSY store here!


We are offering these as single layer in various types of fabrics and at additional cost with insulation. Planned is a waterproof version.

FOONK is now available!

It’s a pocket-sized fork-spoon-knife for camping and travel, or just be a tech geek as each one is singly 3D printed, order on demand. Visit AdventurerJones on ETSY >>


Grass roots, analog automobile-related gaming! In development. May be available by end of summer 2022.

Knik Nak Saq is now available!

Well, we needed it, now sharing with other peeps! We obtained some awesome desert camouflage rip stop fabric for another project and made this first. Does not come with coins, but we tested it and it should hold $20+ worth of quarters!

Now available in desert camouflage and lightweight gray rip stop.

SYNN Cards

are available for purchase now.
Non-profits are welcome, please ask for a discount.
More information about the card deck at

NEW! Handmade Doggy Poop Bag Pouches!

Yes, we did. Fabrics to change over time.
Currently 15% off on our Etsy store page.


Thumb Shot is in development with more than one version. It is a mini sling shot you can use on your thumb, hold in your hand and with common rubber bands as the replacement slings. An early special order-only model may be available in July 2022.

Wooden Cross Pendants for Charity!
We are now selling these on our Etsy store too.

Tasty Dirt is still in development. Right now we are sharing samples with our friends for the HOT and Mild Original Tasty Dirt.

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